Operational Strategy


Constantly engaging the political class (executive and legislature) and other influential Nigerians in the policy formulation that will end extreme poverty and inequality.

  • Ensuring a considerable amount of funding is allocated to the fight against extreme poverty and execution is monitored to make impact.
  • Getting involved with contributions to other extreme poverty elimination policy formulations.



We mobilize financial and non-financial resources from individuals, organizations and governments across the globe to be channeled into the fight against extreme poverty and inequality.



We constantly provide education about the causes and effects of extreme poverty in Nigeria. The citizens are educated about their socio-economic human rights and equipped on how they can demand for them.


Creating awareness:

We raise global awareness about the causes and effects of extreme poverty and inequality in Nigeria.



By partnering with relevant institutions we facilitate the opening up of mechanized agriculture and its value chain to enhance food security and job creation.


Voice out Africa:

We provide the platforms for the poor and communities in poverty to tell their stories to the world. We believe that the more these stories go out the more people hear them and they will take action to offer help and or redress. ?People respond more quickly to stories coming directly from the people involved.